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Luke 16:10

"He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much."

        Projects Done by JPM

July 2022: JPM is now discipling 4 groups and 2 churches in two nations
June 2022: The  first Bible distribution with  most of the recipients being women
May 2022:  JPM begins applying for grants to dig wells in India & Pakistan
May 2022:  The first JPM pastor is sponsored to go to Charis Bible College Hyderabad online
April 2022: Jed interviews with Charis Bible College in Colorado (video to be released)
April 2022: Jed begins discipling a second group in India
December 2021: Jed's interview with Andrew Wommack Ministries goes live
November 2021: JPM becomes a registered 501(c)3 with tax-deductible privileges
October 2021: JPM mails a box of Christmas gift to the orphanage as a gift from a loyal partner
June 2020: Food relief to local villages undergoing COVID lockdowns

Join the Mission

Send Jed to India
Partner with JPM

Even though there are checks and balances that we use to make sure everyone is truly accountable among the groups we work with, there's nothing like seeing firsthand.

By going to India, Jed will be able to assess the health of the pastors and programs, along with determining what else we can do to support our brothers, sisters and children on the ground.

Please pray for the team God is building to go.  Please consider supporting Jed and a team or even by becoming a partner with JPM.  You play an irreplaceable role.

"He who goes down to battle and he that stays by the supplies shall share alike [in the rewards]"
- 1 Samuel 30:24

Encourage Our Active Tribal Pastors

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