"If we are children, then we are heirs - 
                  heirs of God and co-heirs with Jesus"

Romans 8:17

I slammed on my breaks as a car suddenly veered in front of me.  Everything in the car went flying as I went from 60 mph to an almost complete stop.  The man in the car in front of me gave a not-so-friendly howdy out of the window.  I was irritated, no doubt.  But then something unusual happened.

Out the window the man made motions of slitting his wrist. I leaned forward, watching him through his rear view window.  All of a sudden, he began punching himself in the face.  I was shocked!  "Lord, what could make someone do that to himself?"  I cried out.  It was summer of 2020 and the height of nationwide lockdowns.

Instantly, Matthew 6:32 came to mind.  "The unbelievers run after these things [food, clothes and living essentials] but your Father in Heaven knows you need them."  In the next moment, the Lord spoke clearly and said, "He doesn't know he has a Father in Heaven."  My heart broke.  Without Jesus, that man had to go through all the stress of the pandemic and the economic hardship by himself.  He must have felt the pain of crushing burdens.  It was obviously taking a toll on him.  I wished at the time there was another chance to turn and follow him,
to grab him by the shoulders and tell him about the Father's love and provision for him.

Since that day, I've come to learn that the only orphans in the world are those
who don't know they have a Heavenly Father.  

Our children know Jesus.  They are daily being taught the truth of His unfailing love for them.  
One of our goals as a team is to make sure that all the children know that they aren't orphans but heirs,
and to also instill in them a heart of compassion for those who don't yet know their Heavenly Father.

Care for a Child

We welcome gifts of any amount.  Here are a few options.

$25 per month

For $25 a month, you can feed, cloth and provide for two children's physical, educational  
and spiritual needs.

$100 per month

For $100 a month, you can care for the children and sow into the plans to help us create a system of financial self-sustainability as well as prepare for the next children's home to come.
All gifts will go to taking care of the children.  Extra funds will be saved for special needs, future projects for the children's homes, and to prepare for the next children's home that God is leading us to.  Thank you for joining us to care for the kids!